Hollywood Lodge No. 92

Message From The East 

Greeting Brethren,


Let me start by saying how incredibly humbled and proudly honored I am to have this treasured opportunity to be a servant leader as the Worshipful Master of Hollywood Lodge #92.


Serving in the East is a difficult task for any man and Brother but I wholeheartedly accept the challenge in front of me to lead and guide good men seeking to be better for 2020.  By gathering  some of my ideas over the last 5 years, I put together an aggressive Trestle Board that is intended to recall all of the brethren to action so we accomplish some major goals this year.  This will be achieved by having our brethren take on the ALL-IN attitude I have and apply a progressive action items focused effort.


We all took an oath to support the Worshipful Master’s endeavors and move our Lodge forward each year.  That being the case, I’m committed to this Trestle Board with our elected and appointed officer’s to work closely and in tandem with all our brothers to get this work done.


It comes to no surprise that we will from time to time have differences of opinion and being respectful in these exchanges of ideas will bar none become the ultimate struggle with the strong and wise elders as well as returning brothers of our beloved lodge.  Also, attending regularly your monthly dual communications and the monthly Blue92 SQ Club Mtg’s is how we can stay informed and on pace with being in sync as Brothers.


We have much to accomplish to clear this Trestle Board which has been lingering for many years now and my intent is to be the stop gap for these items to all get completed and resolved this year.  That being said, I pray this message above is well received as it is not about me as your Worshipful Master.  It’s about getting this work like you have seen me do over the last 5 years that made you put your trust in me to be all about continuing to carry the torch as many servant leaders have done before me.


In closing, this years endeavors are part of a 5-10 year plan which was started in 2016 when WM LeRoy Eley was elected and then carried on by WM Robert G. Gomez and now reside in my hands to continue to get pushed forward now too.  Therefore, support me, support the Lodge and support each other so we make everything we are doing this year come to fruition.


From the bottom of my heart, I love you and look forward to working side by side with you to get this all done and it would not hurt to have some fun getting to know each other along the way too.  Lol...


Amor Fati,


Cesar Caro, JR 32º

Worshipful Master

“Deus Vult!!!”